Office Hours:

Mon. Weds.: 7am-7:00pm (Last Patient)
Tues. Thurs.: 8am-2pm (Last Patient)
Fri.: 7am-3pm (Last Patient)
Sat.: 8am-11am (Last Patient)
Additional Services

Aftercare is for patients that wish to continue their exercise after their insurance is exhausted. Patients will be able to exercise in a medically orientated gym environment under the supervision and guidance of a physical therapist.

For more information please contact us.

Personal Training Packages
1 Session 5 Sessions 10 Sessions
30 Min. $30 $145 $270
1 Hour $55 $265 $500

Sessions will provide safe, effective exercise techniques and education on training intensity, frequency, and progression to maximize results and minimize injuries.

For more information about our personal training packages please contact us.

Private Pay

For more information, including rates and scheduling please contact us.